Our Mission: To expose the vast reservoir of information, products and services on the African Continent, Making it very easy to connect Businesses and Customers.

Things You Should Know About EMESAY

  • Who we are

We are a team of African expatriate professionals with ties and commitments to the growth and promotion of business on the African continent

  • Founded through frustration.

Born from the lack of information, or lack of the vast array of opportunities, that the African continent has to offer.

  • Our Mandate

The mandate and guidelines for the development of the site were!

  • To create a vetted digital platform.
  • Allow African businesses to promote their products and services
  • Promote opportunities for investment.
  • Create a searchable website of African information for the world.
  • To create a simple digital platform for the hospitality industry,
  • To enable digital information, to be easily found and displayed.

Lastly, The Pronunciation

After the abbreviation of the original business name Market Search Africa (MSA). Finding a domain proved quite challenging, with nearly all domains being bought already, So we thought ‘out of the box’ and came up with EMESAY!

Pronounced ‘Emm Ess Ayy’